Food & CBD Analysis and Contamination Testing by Clean Food Experts

We offer expert analysis of food, water, soil, dietary and herbal supplements, cosmetics, superfoods, protein powders, hair, and a vast array of environmental samples. Analysis instrumentation includes ICP-MS, LC/MS-TOF and IC.


Accurate Screening & Quantitation Services

We offer extremely accurate quantitation of heavy metals, minerals and elements, achieving sub-ppb quantitation limits for many elements. More »

State-of-the-Art Laboratory

Our equipment and analytical methodologies can achieve extremely sensitive detection limits and accurate analysis. More »

Mass Spec Time-Of-Flight CBD Analysis

CWC Labs is thrilled to announce the commercial availability of a breakthrough CBD validation method for the hemp industry. More »

NEWS: 100 municipal water samples tested from across the U.S.

CWC Labs publishes results of first 100 municipal water samples tested from cities across the U.S. More »