The Truth About the "wink-and-nod" Industry
Did you know that many analytical laboratories specialize in hiding contaminants for corporate clients?

There exists a lucrative industry in America where labs are paid to certify raw materials and finished products as "clean" by deliberately reducing instrument sensitivity.

Many corporate clients want labs to simply report, "Not detected" for all contaminants. In order to achieve this, some labs either purchase outdated equipment or, more frequently, alter their instrument tuning parameters to deliberately lose sensitivity.

It's a dirty little secret of the lab testing industry: Any instrument can be "de-tuned" to lose any amount of sensitivity that's demanded by clients. By simply changing tuning parameters, any contaminant can be "not detected" in literally any food or water sample.

An entire industry exists to "whitewash" tests in order to produce deceptive paperwork and documentation that falsely claims the samples are clean. This practice is also widespread in the organic products industry, where many things labeled "organic" are fraudulent.

Many law enforcement laboratories, in contrast, are in the business of producing false positives. Dozens of labs across the country have been caught faking "positive" results for cocaine, heroin, meth or marijuana in order to falsely prosecute innocent people. Lab technicians have been repeatedly caught literally fabricating entire lab test results in places like Boston, Massachusetts.

Sadly much of the analytical laboratory industry operates on a business model that either produces false positives or false negatives, depending on what result is desired by clients.

In contrast, here at CWC Labs, we maximize the tuning and sensitivity of our instruments, using the most advanced technology available today to detect even sub-ppb concentrations of many contaminants such as glyphosate or mercury. We do not "de-tune" any instrument at any time.

Complex food matrices may present strong analytical interferences on their own, however, causing low recoveries for certain analytes. At CWC Labs, we've developed and optimized numerous sample prep and analytical science techniques to maximize recoveries from difficult matrices.

Our goal is to accurately and consistently report honest, scientifically-validated results that can be trusted by growers, consumers, retailers, manufacturers, law firms and even law enforcement.