Who Uses CWC Labs and Why
Because CWC Labs specializes in extreme sensitivity and detection of contaminants, we are used by:
  • Farmers and food growers who want to monitor the quality of what they're producing while protecting their harvests from cross-contamination or misrepresentation.
  • Food and supplement manufacturers who wish to verify the safety of their raw materials before putting them into retail products.
  • Individual consumers who want to independently test the cleanliness of foods, supplements or even their own home water supplies in order to protect their own health.
  • Investigative organizations, including law enforcement and legal firms, that wish to know the real story on what contaminants are found in a particular product or sample.

CWC Labs can also be contracted to quantify specific contaminants or poisons that may be of interest for legal or law enforcement applications. Most organic molecules can be identified and quantified at sub-ppb concentrations.