What Makes Us Different
At CWC Labs, we specialize in extremely sensitive detection of contaminants through the use of superior instrumentation and sample prep methods

Unlike many analytical labs that specialize in "not finding" contaminants in order to please deep-pocketed corporate clients, CWC Labs specializes in extremely sensitive detection methods that can often find contaminants which are (deliberately) missed by other labs.

For example, other labs use ICP-OES to quantify heavy metals, but our ICP-MS instruments are at least 10 X more sensitive. When other labs report "Not Detected" for lead and cadmium, for example, we report the more accurate numbers that may be far below 10 ppb. Longer sample uptake times and increased scan windows also greatly magnify our lower limits of detection, allowing our protocols to detect contaminants that other labs often miss.

When it comes to agricultural chemicals such as pesticides or herbicides, other labs usually claim a "limit of detection" of 10 ppb (0.01 ppm). At CWC Labs, we can detect common herbicides such as glyphosate at 0.39 ppb thanks to our high-end triple quad mass spec instrumentation and efficient sample prep methods.

Through the use of SPE methods and additional sample processing techniques, we can increase our detection limits to below 10 parts per trillion for certain types of samples (these methods require additional time and costs, where applicable).

At CWC Labs, you can access an online report of your results within minutes after our testing is complete. You are notified by email and can read, download or print your analytical report through any web browser.

CWC Labs testing results are ISO-accredited and recognized by every court in North America and Western Europe.